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The systemic fungicide with growth-regulating properties to fight the diseases of cereal crops, rape and grapes.

Active ingredient:tebuconazole, 250 g/l
Formulation:water emulsion
Packing:1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L
Mode of action:Tebuconazol e penetrates deeply into the plant, inhibits biosynthesis of ergosterol in the cell membranes of phytopathogens, which leads to their death
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Field of usage


Dose rate,


Methods and terms of application

Winter wheat


Powdery mildew, septoria disease, tan spot

Spraying during vegetation when the first signs of the disease appear

Winter wheat


Cereal rust

Spraying during vegetation when the first signs of the disease appear



Powdery mildew, septoria disease, tan spot, cereal rust

Spraying during vegetation when the first signs of the disease appear

Winter and spring rape

1,75 – 1,0

Alternaria blight, cylindrosporios

Spraying during vegetation

Winter rape

0,5 – 0,75

Inhibitor of leaves growth and increase of resistance to extreme weather conditions

Spraying in the autumn in a phase of 4-5 leaves of a culture




Spraying during flowering and before the end of growth of berries


A tank mixture (Tebucur 250 EW and Mekvalan 750 SL) can be used at rape outgrowth, favorable soil and climatic conditions. The amount of products depends on the number of leaves per plant: 0,1 l of Tebucur 250 EW + 0,2 l of Mekvalan 750 SL – for one leaf. Spraying is carried out in a phase of 4-6 leaves.

Application features

• It is applied at the first signs of a disease, from tillering to the end of ear formation. Maximum number of treatments is 2. The last treatment must be carried out 30 days before harvest;
• It slows down the growth of rape plants, protects against excessive development at warm weather in the autumn. It promotes deeper penetration of the root system into the soil and increases its weight;
• The recommended application rate of the working fluid for ground spraying is 200 – 300 liters per hectare and 800 – 1000 liters per hectare for vineyards.

Product’s advantages

• It has therapeutic and preventive action;
• It has the extended period of action;
• It is not phytotoxic;
• It has a broad spectrum of biological activity against diseases;
• It is a fungicide and a growth inhibitor at the same time.