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Knapsack electric sprayer HX 16-A 16 liters

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Battery Sprayer HX 16-A 16 liters.

Powerful device with an average tank capacity of 16 liters. It is equipped with two nozzles: one for 1.5-1.6 l/m, the second for 1.8-3 l/m. One tube with stainless steel strap.

The electrical resistance of polypropylene due to its high dielectric property.

Resistance to the effects of temperature fluctuations of polypropylene in the range from -50 to +100 degrees.

Immunity to alkaline, acidic and other solutions, including organic.

Increased density of polypropylene causes its resistance to moisture.

Polypropylene has more advantages than any other material, and its own weight of the product should be included here: even at the most capacious tank, its own weight will not be large, and this is important, since the ease of installation and further use of the whole structure depends on it

Quality shoulder straps distribute weight to the back, unloading arms. Autonomous work on one charge 7-8 refills. The battery capacity is 8 A/H, 12 V. Its charging time is 6-8 hours. When you buy this sprayer, you get spot pest control, effective control of bacterial diseases, and high-quality processing of growth stimulators and water-soluble fertilizers. Quickly passing a large area of ​​cultivated crops. Solution flow rate from 1.5 liters per minute to 3 liters/m.

Attention! Flush equipment with water after using chemicals. So you keep your sprayer clean and efficient for many years. Accumulator sprayer HX 16-A – for quick and quality work on the care of plants. Ideal for those situations where you need to go through a lot of bushes planted in a row.

Model: HX-16A
Working Capacity: 16L
Size (cm) 37 * 19.5 * 52
working pressure 0.25-0.45 MPA
Input Voltage AC110V-220V- 50Hz
Input Voltage: 12 V DC, 1.1 A
Electrical Power: 12V, 35W
Engine Speed: 2800-3000 r/m


Country of manufacture China
Spray Type Battery (Electric)
Sprayer transport method Backpack (behind the back)
Tank Volume 16.0 (l)
Spray jet adjustment Yes
Status New
Additional characteristics of the battery sprayer
Battery life 10.0 (hour)
Battery Capacity 8.0 (A / h)