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Liquid complex fertilizer for foliar application of plants.

Formulation soluble concentrate
Packing: 20 l
Content: B — boron — 15.0%

Field of use

Solu B, SL:  fertilizer with a high concentration of boron (150 g/l), it is used for foliar application.

The fertilizer is easily absorbed by the plants. It is used to compensate the deficiency of boron.

Boron provides resistance to diseases, increases the yield and its quality, improves the synthesis and transport of carbohydrates in plants, plays an important role in cell division, protein synthesis and transport of hormones of auxin group.

Method of application

CropDose rate, l/haMethod, terms of applicationMax. number of treatments
Sugarbeet 2-3 In phase of 5-6 leaves, in phase of “closing of leaves in a rows” and “closing of leaves in space between rows” 2
Rape 1-3 In autumn in phase of 6-7 leaves, in spring before flowering 2-3
Corn 1-3 In phase of 5-6 leaves 1-3
Sunflower 1-3 Before flowering 1
Vegetables 1-3 Before flowering 1


It can be used in tank mixtures with most plant protection products.