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CODA Fol 14-6-5 SL

Function Fertilizer for foliar dressing of plants
Formulation Soluble concentrate
Packing 20 liters
A combination which comprises N Nitrogen 17.01%
P2O5 Phosphorus 7.29%
K2O Potassium 6.07%
Fe Iron 1.2 g/l
Cu Copper 0.6 g/l
Mn Manganese 0.6 g/l
Zn Zinc 0.6 g/l
Mo Molybdenum 0.01 g/l

Scope of use

CODA Fol 14-6-5 SL is a fertilizer with a high nitrogen concentration, intended for foliar application in initial stages of the plant development and for intensive accumulation of herbage. All fertilizer elements that penetrate into plants through the leaves and stems are quickly absorbed and utilized in the synthesis of essential plant compounds, without wasting time on assimilation from the soil solution and transporting through the plant to the leaves.

Methods of use

CropDoze rateTerms of applicationMax. number of treatments
Cereals (wheat, barley) 2–4 liters per hectare Application in a 3–5-leaf phase in autumn if necessary. Applying from tillering to heading in spring 3 times per season
Maize 2–3 liters per hectare Applying in 3–5-leaf phase, the second and the third application – in 8–10-leaf phase before panicle earring 3 times per season
Vegetables 2–4 liters per hectare Applying during growing season before flowering and green fruit 3 times per season

Experience of use

CODA Fol 14-6-5 SL is used worldwide at the following crops: fruit, citrus, olive, ornamental trees, fruit and vegetables and in gardening.