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CODA Complex SL

Function Fertilizer for foliar application of plants
Formulation Soluble concentrate
Packing 20 liters
A combination which comprises Fe Iron – 24.8 g/l
Mn Manganese – 6.2 g/l
Zn Zinc – 18.6 g/l
Amino acids – 15.0%

Scope of use

CODA Complex SL is a complex liquid mixture of minor nutrient elements together with biostimulants (amino acids). Homogeneity of the fertilizer allows it to quickly assimilate through the leaves and be used by the plant within a few hours after application. Fertilizer is used in mixtures with pesticides and separately for foliar application of plants. Free amino acids, which penetrate into a leaf, are immediately used in the construction of albuminous structures and creation of enzymes.  CODA Complex SL is a balanced mixture of amino acids, which significantly affect the quality and quantity of the harvest of all types of crops.

CODA Complex SL promotes stability of components of minor-nutrient elements. Micro-elements: iron, manganese, zinc penetrate through the pores of the leaves and are used by the plant instantly. Iron is involved in fundamental reactions in the creation of chlorophyll. Manganese is a part of enzymes and is involved in redox reaction. Manganese, in particular, is a part of enzymes which are responsible for creation of chlorophyll. Zinc plays an important physiological role as an enzyme stimulant. All the elements participate in the synthesis of auxin and prevent their oxidation, which stimulates the synthesis of tryptophan.

CODA Complex SL is a fully water-soluble fertilizer, suitable for foliar application, especially in cereals. It is recommended to mix CODA Complex SL with post-emergent herbicides. Due to this fertilizer, it is possible to reduce a negative impact of the herbicide on major crops. It is recommended to add 100ml of a fertilizer per 100 liters of a solution to the mixture with herbicide. It is necessary to apply 1-3 liters per hectare for foliar dressing.

Methods of use

CropDoze rateMethods and terms of applicationMax. number of treatments
Peas 1 liter per hectare Applying from 3–5-leaf phase before flowering 3 times per season
Rape 2–5 liters per hectare Applying in a 3–5-leaf phase in autumn. Applying from 7–8-leaf phase to the bud-formation period in spring 3 times per season
Maize 1 liter per hectare Applying in a 3–5-leaf phase, the second and the third application – in a 8–10-leaf phase before panicle earring 3 times per season
vegetables 1–2 liters per hectare Applying during growing season before flowering and green fruit 3 times per season

Experience of use

CODA Complex SL is used worldwide at citrus, fruit and olive trees.