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Function Fertilizer for foliar application of fruit trees to improve the color and quality of fruit
Formulation Soluble concentrate
Packing 20 liters
A combination which comprises Amino acid – 3.5 grams per liter
Polysaccharides – 16.20%
Potassium oxide – 25.38%

Scope of use

CODA Brix SL: The product is specially designed to improve the quality of fruit. The combination of amino acids, potassium and polysaccharides contributes to ripening and improves color, size etc. Furthermore, the application of amino acids with polysaccharides provides a plant with nutrients and contributes to the accumulation of sugar in fruit. Due to potassium in its composition, the agent promotes the synthesis of sugar, starch and proteins and thus, greatly improves the nutritional and flavor properties of products. Amino acids have the properties of biostimulants and promote absorption of potassium. It is created to be used on vegetable and fruit plantations. Use of the drug contributes to the accumulation of sugar in fruit and makes their color more saturated.

Methods of use

CropDoze rateTerms of applicationMax. number of treatments
Vegetables 1.5–2 liters per hectare Applying during the growing season before flowering and before green fruit 3 times per season

Experience of use

In the world, CODA Brix SL is used at citrus, vineyards and fruit orchards.