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Escada 448 SC

Contact fungicide with preventive action against a broad spectrum of bacteriosis and fungal infections.

Fulgor 250, SC / Triafer 250, SC

A reliable fungicide to control a wide range of diseases on cereals and sugar beets.

Goldazim 500, SC / Golder Super 500, SC

A fungicide and seed disinfectant. It can be used as a disinfectant and as a fungicide. It can be applied on vegetative cultures.

Pyrus 400 SC

A systemic fungicide for apple trees and grapevine.

Sinekura 680 WP

A fungicide of contact and systemic action to protect potatoes, tomatoes and vineyards from diseases.

Syllit 400 SC

A systemic fungicide with a long-term preventive and therapeutic effect against apple scrab.

Tebucur 250 EW

A systemic fungicide with growth-regulating properties to fight the diseases of cereal crops, rape and grapes.

SAM Wopro Wet, SL

Universal organic silicone sticking agent for increase of biological effect of crop protection products and fertilisers.

Stayer 500, EC*

Composite systemic fungicide intended for protection of crops, soybeans, rape and sugar beet from variety of diseases.

Triafer T 300, SC*

Сomposite systemic fungicide with treatment and protective effect for control of wide range of crop disease excitants.