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About Us

Do you know a lot about such an essential part of Ukraine’s economy as agriculture? It is not as easy as it may seem and it takes a lot to become its integral part. “Agroflex” has already travelled this road and quite successfully.

The “Agroflex” company was found in 2001 and since then it not only satisfies even the most demanding customer needs but also proves to be a reputable and highly-organized supplier. We focus on crop protection products, micronutrient fertilizers, seeds and sprayers wholesale.

At “Agroflex” we believe there is a better way to run agricultural business. That’s why we earn rather than buy our partners with a help of European quality products, well-timed supplies and transparency policy.

Why should you work with us and what can we help you with?

Well, first of all, ask any agricultural producer or agricultural company and they will definitely assure you that “Agroflex” is a warrant of reliable and mutually profitable cooperation.

Secondly, “Afroflex” is a well-knit team of highly-qualified professionals who will provide you with up-to-date information on crop protection as well as give you a piece of helpful advice on the product choice.

In addition, the “Agroflex” company is continually developing while actively engaging in registration process and expanding the range of products.

All in all, if you are interested in working with a trustworthy successful agricultural company, you are welcomed to contact us.